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New Movie

More Dangerous Than Dynamite

A 1941 - Movie



More Dangerous Than Dynamite (1941) Documentary, Short, History Movie DVD
10min | Documentary, Short, History | NR

This video warns housewives about the effects of cleaning clothes with Gasoline.

This DVD of the 1941 Documentary, Short, History movie More Dangerous Than Dynamite has been digitally re-mastered to maintain the original retro/classic scratched look and feel of the original movie that was so common at the time of its creation.

Director: Unknown
Stars: Unknown

Many accidental deaths each year are caused by carelessness in the home leading to fires. Such causes are leaving plugged in irons unattended, standing next to gas heaters wearing combustible clothing, hiding frayed electrical cords underneath rugs, placing pennies behind fuse plugs, smoking in bed, dealing with electrical equipment while bathing, burning rubbish in unventilated areas, leaving open paint buckets and oil soaked rags lying around, and using gasoline as a home dry cleaning fluid.

With the latter, commercial dry cleaning establishments are subject to safety regulations which are not present in the home. And commercial establishments are run by those who know the dangers of the materials with which they are working.

Technical Specs

Runtime: 10 minutes
Sound Mix: Mono
Color: Black and White

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